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Console application enables executing one time operations on a selected input file.
It can be run after initial configuration has been done (see Configuration).
Input files should follow input data format described in Input Data Format.


Description of all available options are printed after typing > bsds /help in command widow.
 Command line application for batch execution of Bing Map Spatial Services
 /help         - print help information.
 /toXML=<file> - convert source file to XML file. A new xml file is created.
                 Input data format is automatically recongnized.
 /geocode=<file> [/toPipe|/toTab] /mode={all|empty|reverse}
                 [/outfile=<outfile>] [/upload=name]
               - submit geocode or reverse-geocode job, then optionally
                 download and merge the results with the original dataset.
                 Then optinally upload the merged dataset to Bing Spatial
                 Data Services.
                 /mode    - sets the mode of geocoding job.
                 /outfile - specifies the output file to store the geocoded
                            dataset. If not specified a job file <file>.job
                            will be generated. If not specified the application
                            will save the geocoding job's ID in .job file and
                            exit. It specified the application will wait for
                            job completion and then upload mereged data into
                            BSDS. If not specified the application will save
                            the geocoding job's
                 /upload  - specifes if data should be uploaded after geocoding
                            and into which data source /job=<file>.job [/merge]
               - checks the status of a previously-generated geocoding job. If
                 /merge is pecified and job has completed, the geocoded
                 data will be downloaded and merged into the orginal file. In
                 the other case job's status will be displayed.
 /upload=<file> /name=<data source> /entity=<entity type> [/toPipe|/toTab]
               - uploads a dataset to BSDS using the provided data source name
                 and entity type name. Input data can be either an XML or CSV
 /list [/datasource=<data source name>]
               - retrievs information about all data sources associated with
                 the Bing Map Key used. If data source name is specified
                 then a detailed information about data source will be
 /delete=<data source name>
               - deletes the data source associated with the specified
                 data source.
 /schema=<data source name>
               - download the XML schema for the specifed data source.
                 The schema is saved to <data source name>.xsd file.

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