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Long running tasks should cancel automatically in order to ensure that the next schedule task will start.


There may be occasions where the tool hangs in a "Pending" loop waiting for a completed status message to come back from Bing SDS. In this situation, a timeout should occur causing the tool to exit with an error message. Without this feature, there is a potential for newly dropped files to avoid getting processed. The timeout period should be specified by the user.
For BSDS.Serivce, the timeout should be settable in the configuration file.
For the BSDS.Console tool, the timeout should be specified through a /timeout=<minutes> option. If not specified, the default value should be 120 minutes. This option should be available for both geocoding and uploading operations. If geocoding and uploading withing a single command, the /timeout value should apply to the total cumulative time spent waiting for a completed response from BSDS for both operations.